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    530 EK 3D Black and Gold

    Price:  $181.00

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    Precise forging process leads to a stiff chain for better acceleration and more efficient engine work
    Lightening hole allows for a lighter chain without compromising strength while removing mud and dispersing heat more efficiently
    Improvement in transmission efficiency
    Special pin with holes in both ends allow the chain to be lightened
    Edge-cut inner plate reduces friction and allows for smooth engagement with sprocket

    Strength: 11,400lbs of tensile strength
    Weight: 4.81 pounds per 100 links
    Width: 9.53mm
    Plate Thickness: 2.6mm
    Plate Height: 15.5mm

    PRO TIP - Extend the life of your chain and sprockets by removing encrusted deposits of grease, sand and dirt.

    *Each chain comes with one (1) rivet style master link.

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