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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 March, 2019.

    M2-S2 Rear Shock

    Price:  $1,075.00


    M2 Shocks for drag racing are exclusively unique and perform better for one simple reason - We designed our Drag Race Shock from scratch to be a Drag Racing Shock. We did not convert our road race shock for drag racing.

    A key difference between M2 Shocks and others is the open bleed design. Specifically, this allows oil to pass from the top of the piston to the underside without the shims having to open. This gives the M2 Shock not only it's silky smooth feeling, but also it's excellent back half traction characteristics.

    The S2 provides damping adjustments of over 260 lbs of compression force and 1300 lbs of rebound force without any significant cavitation.

    When customers choose M2.Shocks drag racing products, they not only get a great shock, but also world class service. RPS Manufacturing (RPS) has been dedicated to superior customer service for over 15 years...nothing is going to change that now.

    ?All M2.Shocks are built for each individual customer. This includes providing length, valving, and spring rate that is exactly for your shock requirements.

    Don't take a chance on your success, make sure that you choose M2.Shocks for the best performance possible.

    S2 Mark II Features

    Double Adjustable Remote Reservoir
    Only 4.6 Pounds
    All Hoses and Fittings are Swivel for Easier Installation
    14mm Shaft Allows Better Tracking by Reducing Hysteresis Caused by the Shaft
    Open Bleed Design
    Adjustable Ride Height
    Adjustable Preload
    Custom Built For Your Application
    30 Clicks of Rebound Adjustment
    20 Clicks of Compression Adjustment
    260 lbs Range of Compression Adjustment
    1300 lbs Range of Rebound Adjustment
    Spring and Hardware Included

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